CNC as jointer?

(Mike Walsh) #1

Can I use shapeoko xxl as a jointer to flatten wood, remove twists, etc.?


(David Hood) #2

The trick would be securely holding the wood without inducing warp that would return after flattening.


(Luc) #3

Would be relatively long to flatten compared to jointer and would be only for short narrow planks. You would also need to hold the planks flat if they were crooked.

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(Neil Ferreri) #4

Yes. You could use it similar to a the way one would use a router table for edge jointing. If you’re more specific, someone can provide more details.


(Brad Agdern) #5

I have used it to flatten end grain cutting boards. If you are not perfectly trammed, you will get some lines/grooves, but it was good enough for me to get a reference to put through the planer then flip and plane off any lines/grooves.

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