CNC autonomous robot

I’m always highly skeptical of projects like this (and most Kickstarters) but it seems interesting for this community nonetheless:

dumbest kickstarter Ive seen in a while… it would need to weigh 250lbs to have any usable traction for 1/8’ or 1/4’ DOC cuts


You haven’t seen the ridiculous little cube laser engraver then? :slight_smile: This is a close second.

I’m really getting sick of advertisements for products that don’t exist yet though. Specifically Glowforge and Shaper. I’d consider buying both of them but they’re not able to sell me one yet, so stop cluttering up my online experience.

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Curious about the precision/accuracy of the positional measurement — it would be interesting to have positional encoding come back to the hobbycnc space (thenow discontinued Lobo CNC is the only instance I’m aware of).

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The Shaper does it with the special tape which helps the optics. Same concept though nontraditional implementation.

I would find it interesting if someone equipped one of these with a powerful laser diode. I am not sure how cutting would work out (pieces could slip under the wheels), and flexible materials would not work (they could bunch up under the dragging Omni-wheel), but accuracy would be improved (no cutting force).

I can say from when I was building soccer playing autonomous robots that calibrating omni-wheels is not easy. The system would probably need some form of feedback.

AIUI, it does have positional feedback — there’s a pair of towers w/ retractable wires which the machine uses to track its position — I guess it uses and inverse of the same sort of positional calculations which the Maslow uses — don’t they have some inherent accuracy limitations?