CNC Cookbook Firecracker CNC Software Sale! Till 07/14

"I’ve just launched our annual Firecracker CNC Software Sale!

Here’s the deal. You get 15% off any CNC software we sell until the sale ends, Friday, July 14."
Thought somebody might want to know :slight_smile:


I also just got an email about Gwizard for Shapeoko XXL feeds and speeds :
Me: (Part of my email)
Your Gwizard works really good for the router I’ve been using (Shapeoko XXL).
But since it’s twice as big as the Shapeoko, I thought I would let you know It’s a bit too aggressive.
I was running it at 45%, and that was almost too hard, but just. I had to turn the RPM’s up a little.
For the XXL 45-50% should =100%
Hmm, now that I see it wrote down- Twice as big = Half as rigid :slight_smile:
Great work, we appreciate the effort, Jerry

Bob Warfield:
Jerry, thank you for writing and for your kind words.
I may add a DXF upload at some point. Right now I am doing everything by hand and I still have a whole bunch of files to post.
BTW, I have a Shapeoko XXL on the way that I’ll be building, using, and writing about.



please provide a link…

I googled “CNC Cookbook” and the first result was

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Sorry. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that :slight_smile: