CNC Jobs for US & Canada


I’m getting more and more requests from customers in the US and Canada.

So I’m looking for a partner in the US who would like to partner to run jobs on his machine (10-20 per month in the beginning). Shipping from Germany simply doesn’t make sense. The parts are around 300x300x18mm (1ft x1ft x 1/2")

Included would be:
Sourcing of wood
Cnc the part
Breaking edges, grinding etc
Finishing with eg hardwax or non-toxic orange oil and bees wax

I’d take care of the customer care, selling, payment etc and subcontract you. It would be required that he/she can write invoices I can use for tax purposes. I’m not sure about the US, but he/she might need a registered business to do this.

Is someone interested?

Best Michael


I may have interest. I would like to discuss more of the details.
I have a new SPXXL and am retired so I have time to direct effort to this endeavor.

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