Cnc machine doesn't start from right height

I have an problem with my cnc machine, when it start it doesn’t start from de right possision. Does annyone know what the solution here for is ?

How are you setting the zero?

What happens if after setting zero you use the Rapid Position to Z+6mm to verify?

I always set zero of the z axis on the bottom plate of my machine not on the top of the of the of the wooden plate


Are you doing it w/ a bit of paper?

Or using a BitZero?

I assume you mean you use “Bottom of Stock” in CC to set your zero, then the top of the table (bottom of part) on the machine.

Then the key element is measuring the thickness of the job precisely & setting the stock thickness in CC.
Then making sure your machine is actually moving the same distance as programmed.

After setting Z zero on the machine, move the tool down to the table / spoilboard & double check it.

Now jog the Z axis up to a known value that you can measure. Use the largest standard you have.
If you have 1-2-3 blocks, jog it up exactly 3" and then use the block to measure if it’s off. Otherwise, use the most accurate method of measurement you have.

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I using a peace of paper

What happens when after setting the origin you verify it using the Rapid Position to Z+6mm (or Imperial equiv.)?

How do i set the radip posision +6mm on mij z axis

In Carbide Motion you go to the Jog menu and hit the rapid positions button. There you can go to any of the predetermined positions on the spoilboard and you can go to the X and Y position and do a Z+6mm. Since you are using bottom of material be sure you are off of the material because if over the material the bit will be driven into the material.

Using the rapid positions is handy for moving around and setting X Y and Z manually. The Z+6mm is handy to verify. You need to make a 6MM spacer to check. You can visually see but visually could be off so get/make a 6MM spacer to put under the bit after rapid movements. Do not put your spacer under the bit until it stops or you could crash into your bit if things are set wrong. Only check after the bit comes to a stop.

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