Cnc Router + Hand Held Router?

Hey guys!

Just a thought I had recently: I’ve got a shapeoko 4 xxl, with I believe the standard router, its great but there are somethings where having just a regular hand held router would come in handy. Is there anyway to get just the housing of a hand helf router and use the router from my shapeoko?

I figure if I could get just the housing and use the carbide router then it would save me a fair bit of money, right?

I’m interested to hear any thoughts you guys have or if anyone has done/tried to do this already.


If it’s the 65mm router, it should match the makita accessories.


The mount is aluminum, and not designed to have the router taken out and put back in — if you need a hand router, you should buy one — it can serve as a backup to the router in the machine.


I agree with @WillAdams. Also, I highly recommend going cordless right away. You’ll use it a lot more if you don’t have to mess with the cord.

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I bought a Dewalt cordless trim router for doing roundovers mostly. It replaces my ancient Bosch corded model that finally wore out. I am happy with the cordless Dewalt and for doing roundovers on large projects it is definitely better not to have a cord.

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Wait. What? Are you actually asking if you need to buy another tool for the shop? Well, of course you do!
A second router will prove a valuable tool when using a cnc. You can do edge cuts and round overs much easier by hand plus you can do them while your machine is cutting the next sign/project. I’ve always had a chorded router and prefer those. Just make sure the one you get can fit into the cnc bracket – then you’ll always have a backup at the ready.

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