CNC shapes from Mini Cell/EVA Foam or Neoprene Foam

I have a product I am designing and want to possibly cnc the shape from EVA/Mini Cell Foam.

Any ideas or videos to share? I have yet to get my Pro XXL, and I have gone through all the videos I could find on YouTube as well as here…

I just want to get ideas from people here that have actually done this from either mini cell foam (firm, not soft), EVA foam (firm), or Neoprene Foam.

Thanks All.

There’s a bit on cutting foam at:

Materials - ShapeOko

Basically, just move as quickly as you can, keep the spindle as low as you can, and use either a specialty foam cutting or single flute endmill.

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Does this help ? I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to the various types of foam, so it may not.


Yes! For sure. Thanks for the reply.

Yes! That did help for sure. Thanks.

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