CNC Shotgun? ...sort of

A fire went through our area not long ago destroying many things, including a firing range. A volunteer guy came by asking for two signs to place along the walking path and another for the (new) building itself.
We came up with the arrow-shaped idea for the path and used a redwood 2x6. The building sign is oak, which I learned has to be carved slower than I thought with a fresh bit. Advanced V-Carve proved most helpful as the resultant beveled edges will assist with water runoff.
The volunteer will handle finish work. These are the nicest pieces I’ve made in my six months of Shapeokoing.


Those are beautiful.
I’m surprised you used redwood and not something cheaper for an outdoor sign. That stuff is expensive!

The customer bought a 2x6 redwood construction piece from Lowes. About $20 for the 8ft piece. Each arrow is about 20 inches long. I cut the arrow shape with a bandsaw.

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That’s a great price then. Where I am at in Indiana it’s much more expensive.

The stuff grows on trees out here.


As it happens, my guy John sent over this picture with the shotgun signs painted. He made the Wait Here and For Ear Protection signs himself by hand (they will serve their purpose but help illustrate the value of a CNC machine).

These are made for the new Shotgun Range at Boy Scout Camp Whitsett, just north of Kernville, CA.


These look good. Thanks for posting.

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