CNC stops mid cut, and cutter now not responding to CM

My cutter suddenly stopped moving mid cut 13% left to cut. I manually had to stop and restart machine and CM. Now cutter is no longer responding to CM. What can I do to fix this?

Fixed, apparently I also needed to disconnect and reconnect USB connection.


We have a knowledgebase article on this:

But very glad you got it fixed!

I had this issue a few times and fixed it by replacing the USB cable that came with the Shapeoko with a higher quality cable with built-in chokes and isolating the laptop and SO circuit board power sources to a different electrical circuit from the router. Never had a problem since.


@Qwkpony That fixed my problem once and for all too. I would only be able to run projects that took less than 15 minutes…now I can run all day with no problems.

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