CNC Table Top / Workbench - Back to Work to REST

I took the entire week off to build a CNC table for my new Shapeoko 3XXL. I researched several plans on the web and on CNC forums and found the assembly table that The Wood Whisperer built met the requirements I was looking for in a CNC table.

  1. Dead flat top
  2. Twist resistant top
  3. Space for my laptop to run the cnc and design
  4. Ledge in front for overhang and tool staging
  5. Storage on both sides of the table with drawers and door storage
  6. Built like a TANK to avoid any shaking or vibration

The Wood Whisperer YouTube Video

The Wood Whisperer Website Article

So off to work on the table I went. 10 days later, and with a complete CNC workbench complete, I am now ready to go back to work and REST.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.


Great looking, plenty of storage and lock down wheels. Dang that’s nice.

Love the way the top is built - looks like a lot of work but I bet it’s really solid.

Can I put in an order for me one?

Last month I researched making a table top and once I saw the video that The Wood Whisperer made, I knew that was the one I wanted to build. My torsion box will be very similar to the one that you made, except mine will have wiring concealed within it and each “cell” will be filled with acoustical foam. What are the dimensions of your torsion box? Job well done!

I made it exactly the same as the sketchup drawing. 47.5" X 70"