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(Neil Ferreri) #81

I saw something similar @Griff. The carve finished and I didn’t notice until it was almost done.
Just did a test (not on a real carve and not when it was “frozen”)…
Clicked View --> Reload
CNCjs looked like it was disconnected, but serial communication was still going.
Opened connection again, and it was still going, running the whole time in the background.

Looks like the same as this?


(Griff ) #82

I’ll do some digging tomorrow.

Another glitch to note, I paused the cut successfully but was not able to restart.

I’ve never experienced these sorts of problems before, is it possible the file size has anything to do with it?

(Griff ) #83

No luck with this file in CNCjs.

Installed UGS, dusted off non-existent skills, watched Mr. Beavers probe video, back in business. I think.

File is cutting, complete override controls plus pause/resume.

We’ll see.

(Neil Ferreri) #84

Did the carve fail with CNCjs, @Griff?
Or did you just lose responsiveness?

(Griff ) #85

No it didn’t fail, just got nervous about the loss of responsiveness especially with a large piece of ali at risk.

Finished fine with UGS, 3+ hour job, 900k lines.

(Griff ) #86

here is the file

(Neil Ferreri) #87

Hey @Griff,
Do you have the file with the CAM? Or just the gcode you generated?

(Griff ) #88

Cam should be there. The link is to the file I cut. Hmmmm

(Neil Ferreri) #89

No Cam showing up…weird.

(Griff ) #90

I’ll check things out tomorrow. Not much time lately.

(Griff ) #91

try the link now. The toolpath was open on my screen, that may have caused the problem.

(Stuart) #92

Sorry to drag this one back up, I’m trying to set up my probing cycle on cncjs and am getting the following error on the G38.2 command:

Error:33 (invalid gcode Id:33)

This happens both when running a macro with the following:
G38.2 Z-25 F25

And through the built in probe widget…

Reflashed to grbl 1.1, tried both after homing and not homing
A whole lotta googling brought me no results

(Griff ) #93

I’ll bet @neilferreri will chime in real soon now. Bailed me out today.

(Neil Ferreri) #94

That’s odd. Can you copy paste the console after you run the probe?
Also, are you using tool length offsets? G43.1

(Stuart) #95

This is without ‘apply tool length offset’ selected

feeder> G91
feeder> G38.2 Z-50 F75
error:33 (Invalid gcode ID:33)
feeder> G90
feeder> G10 L20 P1 Z10
feeder> G91
feeder> G0 Z4
feeder> G90

and with it selected

feeder> G49
feeder> G91
feeder> G38.2 Z-50 F75
error:33 (Invalid gcode ID:33)
feeder> G90
feeder> G4 P1
feeder> G43.1 Z4
feeder> G91
feeder> G0 Z4
feeder> G90

(Neil Ferreri) #96

Hmm… What version of CNCjs are you using?

(Stuart) #97

yeah I can’t for the life of me work it out…

I downloaded the latest version for win64 from

*edit Which is 1.9.16

maybe I’ll try UGS tonight to see if that gives me a different outcome.

(Neil Ferreri) #98

@stutaylo This is really weird. I think you’d see that error on s probe only if you’re making the probe move TO your current location. The G91 sets incremental mode with means all motion moves are FROM your location. So, to me, it seems it’d be impossible to get that error.
Did you compile your version of grbl? If not, where’d you get it?
How’d you flash Grbl?

(Stuart) #99

@neilferreri Yeah to the best of my understanding, error 33 occurs either when calling for an upsupported arc move or during G38. 2, if you’re calling the machine to move to its current position.

I updated using the grbl updater from the carbide 3D website.

(Neil Ferreri) #100

So what version of CNCjs?