CNCJS CNC Control Software

(Stuart) #101

Sorry I made an edit which obviously didn’t take… 1.9.16, win64

(Neil Ferreri) #102

Can you try 1.9.15?
1.9.16 isn’t an official release yet

(Stuart) #103

Just tried both .15 and .14 with the same result

(Neil Ferreri) #104

Everything else working ok? Can you jog the machine without issue?
Can you get a screenshot of CNCjs right before you try the probe?
Just dug into the grbl source. There’s only one way that error could happen on a probe, and it shouldn’t be happening with your probe commands.

It shouldn’t matter, but can you try a different sender? Just a sanity check.

Maybe a communication issue? Try restarting everything.

(Neil Ferreri) #105

@stutaylo Any progress on this?

(Stuart) #106

@neilferreri sorry no progress, my girlfriend borrowed my truck today and the oil filter popped off on the highway - Engine is written off… At about $10,000 to replace I’m less than pleased, or $2000 for a rebuild kit which I Can probably do it in a week or two…

I’ll try and get in the shed tomorrow and check out bcnc or ugs and see if I get the same result.

Another question - is there a continuous jog option at a fixed feed on cncjs? Or is it only incremental?

(Rick) #107

@neilferreri. The touch probe macro you did up for CNCJS using the Carbide 3D Touch probe has worked great for me! Thanks. Sorry for the delay in getting back here to let you know. Using this macro, and the built in Z probe macro has been a great help for me. Thanks again.