CNCJS MDI screen

Hello all, I just started trying out cncjs and usually use the MDI to touch off and zero in CM. I can’t for the life of me find the mdi screen. I’m on the desktop version on Mac.

in the “Console” area, once connected you should see traces from the machine and then “>” prompt: that’s where you type in the commands (as you would in CM’s MDI line)

EDIT: go to “Manage widgets” on the upper left of the screen, and make sure “Console widget” is enabled there


Thank you so much! All the screen shots i seen had a MDI box as part of the Axes section. Must be a windows or custom build thing. Also do you know of a way to customize the keyboard commands?

I never checked, but this thread from July mentions that it’s not implemented and not even on the implementation list.
Out of curiosity, why do you want to customize the shortcuts ? There might be a solution using an external keyboard remapper (I have used Interception in the past, but that is Windows-specific)

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If you really wanted to build your own version, the keyboard shortcuts are here:


Im just used to using < and > for the Z jog and on mac to use the keyboard to jog Z in CNCJS i must use 2 hands. One on the fn and other on down arrow. And i still use paper under the tool. I can use the soft keys with a mouse or track pad also. I was just curious if their was a way to change it. No biggie.
Might go ahead and start using a probe.

If you click the little keyboard in the axes widget, you can jog with arrows (x&y) and pageUp/pageDown (z).

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You can create a Macro to do this so you can just hit a button instead of retyping in MDI everytime.

For the sake of testing, I tried @neilferreri’s method mentioned above to rebuild CNCjs using a customized “combokeys.js” and it turns out it’s quite easy on Windows (if you are not afraid of command lines). I followed exactly the instructions mentioned here and was able to generate a version of CNCjs that uses “,” and “.” keys (which if I am not mistaken correspond to < and > on a Mac?) and verified that I can jog Z up and down with these custom keys.

In 5 min of googling I couldn’t find equivalent build instructions for a Mac though, but there should be a way to do it very similarly. Maybe someone who is software-savvy and owns a Mac could build that for you if you’d rather stick with your < and > keys than using the arrows and pageUp/PageDown.


Got one of these and its one of those" Should have done it sooner" things. Kinda like a windows k board. Has a track pad and backlit keys. Its great as a controller. I Highly recommend anyone using cncjs on a Mac.

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