Coaster thickness test

Trying different thicknesses for coasters today. I cut a test coaster thicker than the two finished casters. The test was .75” thick and I mustered the courage to do my first 3Dish cut on it. A very simple round edge on the inside diameter cut. Turned out good, just a little to thick. Also playing around with different finishes, one is top coat epoxy, the other is clear lacquer, and the thick test is walrus oil.


I hate to ask, but what is walrus oil?

A brand. They make a few different finishes.

@Merick01 Wouldn’t the other finishes repel water? You’d end up with shiny coasters that look great but just shed moisture onto your furniture.

I’m with Neil, “Coaster” is a name that implies something cardboard, utilitarian and water resistant, at least. :smiley:

We need to have a different name for these items that are made in such a fine manner. These things are decoration at the very least, but I would never put them out to be dribbled on or covered up with a paper napkin! :smiley:

My coasters are/were designed out of plastic with grooves in them. I roughly calculated how much water the grooves would hold, too. :smiley:

PS. Water holding properties are not a thing in places where things and people don’t sweat! :smiley: