Coffee pod holder

Short week-end project, started from a 8"x8" piece of twotone HDPE

Draw the absolute simplest design I could think of to hold the coffee pods,

Milled it (producing funky curled up black and white chips)

went to grab my favorite tool for plastics,

deburred the thing a bit (way too lazy to CAM a chamfer and deal with a tool change)

Figured I would need some backing to glue that piece onto it. I like the look of bamboo but I had no stock thin enough: well I have a CNC don’t I, so I grabbed a piece of 18mm bamboo I had ruined for another project, and cut a 15mm deep pocket and 18mm contour, to separate the bottom 3mm (of good bamboo layer):

Glued the two together,

And used double-side tape for assembling my custom coffee pod holder onto the side of the coffee machine:

(other side pending)

WAF not quite clear yet, will monitor.


Great idea Julien, beats my drawer stuffed with all different kinds for sure! The French K cups/Pods are cool looking, in the USA they are all white and boring.

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Sorry, Julien, I’m a coffee snob. Grind my own beans. Son roasts beans, too. Time and weight are very specific to our coffee. My 2 cups of very good coffee takes 7 minutes of my morning to make. Those K-cups can cost a lot for what is basically instant coffee. Might as well get it in a jar. IMHO. :smiley:


A further concern on the K-cups — did they ever work out how to recycle them? The designer was rather distraught over that (and rightly so):

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I agree and I’m ashamed to buy those from George Clooney. They are unfortunately the only solution compatible with the ~30seconds I allocated to drinking my morning coffee before I leave for the daily commute :confused:


Julien, I like the way you reveal little parts of your private self! :smiley: (I would say “unabashedly”, but … :smiley: )

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It’s not all bad.

Apparently the original plan was to use less coffee per cup and we know we’re running out of places we can still grow it. So there’s an environmental benefit from the bean - cup efficiency reducing shipping, roasting etc. Against the environmental cost of a giant globocorp famous for completely unethical practices.