Cold weather storage

My little shop is heated by wood…but only when I’m in there working. …question I have is…how will the cold weather affect my machine…obviously I will heat up shop prior to any use…but worried about the cold and then constant heat up cool down on the machine/board as well…thoughts. cold is northern Canada cold…-30 Celsius

That’s getting close to the operating range for the belts:

I’d worry about condensation

I’d be concerned about condensation, as well. The shop presumably has power, so you might use a small heater, like a goldenrod, to keep the machine above the dew point. An insulated cover helps as well by slowing temperature change.

The big worry would be the temp drop after the space is occupied, since, in dry, cool weather, you are the primary source of humidity, and a rapid drop without the time for the humidity to get out can lead to dew formation. With insulation, a 10 watt heater can keep a space as small as these machines need plenty warm to allow the thing to breathe, and may even need a thermostat.

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The way I see it, if you’re going to have any kind of dust collection enclosure you might as well just insulate that box in order to get thermal and (free bonus!) sound damping too.

Don’t worry, with climate change your shop won’t stay that cold in future years, so you only need a temporary solution :wink: