Collet suppliers

Not sure if anyone has seen my post about the essential bits, but separate question pertaining to my experience. Does anybody know where to get 1/8in collet for makita router? Carbide has the set of 1/4" and 1/8" but i just need the 1/8" in as I have several 1/4" collets.

Elaire Corporation makes them in a variety of sizes and sells singles as well as a pack:

Thanks Will, i appreciate it!

Tony, I’ll echo Will’s recommendation as I purchased several for a prior CNC system. I purposely went with Carbide 3D’s ER11 router to use, for example, a 3/16" bit. Elaire quality is excellent.

Awesome i am definitely going to have to try them out. @WillAdams has given me a lot advice and has always been spot on Thank you @Elderoaklander for your take too.

I have also used Elaire with good results.

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