Collet Wrench replacement

I just got my Shapeoko Pro and I slightly bent (outward) one of the carbide compact router collet wrenches, the smaller one for the upper notch on the router. So now it slips a bit. I could just buy a generic one from amazon, but this type hurts my bad hand when I use it, does anyone have a suggestion (other than electrical tape lol) for a better and more sturdy one and that might be more comfortable in the hand?

I assume a lot of people use something else than what comes with the carbide compact router.

I do not know how I bent it, the metal is literally kinked lol. Must have gone the wrong way once or something.

The community has the following notes on collet wrench/nut sizes:

A good quality pair of wrenches is a huge quality of life upgrade and highly recommended.

I use the Asahi and a vintage Craftsman stubby full polish on my Carbide Compact Router (and Makita RT0701).

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