Collet Wrenches

Can someone please tell me what size wrenches I need for the collet? I have one that came with the machine, which fits around the collet nut itself, but I don’t have one to hold the spindle still while I turn the nut. I’ve just been using some vise grips, but it’s not an ideal solution.


12mm on the shaft, 17mm for the nut.

I went and got a 12mm wrench, but it seems a tiny bit loose. Could just be my imagination, but I wanted to double check, are you certain the collet/shaft are metric? The bits etc that carbide sells for this machine all seem to be imperial.

I’d thought that the first project for this machine was to make a wrench which fits the collet.

Take a set of calipers and measure?

@WillAdams, running the wrench gcode through CutViewer Mill and using CVM’s measuring tool, the wrench flats are 12.5mm apart. I’m using a 1/2" wrench.

@MrHume, all ER collets and collet chucks are metric on the outside. And it’s not like you’re installing a head bolt on a car engine–it does not take a whole lot of torque to retain the Nomad tools adequately. The wrench Will mentions is machined out of a piece of aluminum-plastic laminate, which says something about the torque level required…

I’ve been using a 12mm and also confirm that 12mm is the size you want.

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The original wrench I had is bent from tightening the collet - what are people using as a replacement? Seems like a normal 12mm wrench is too ‘thick’

Which sort of spindle/router do you need a wrench for?

For the Carbide Compact Router:

For the Nomad it’s a bit more complex:

Carbide. That’s a perfect resource - thank you!

With a CNC you can always make your own! 1/8” aluminum strip:

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I saw someone on youtube using bike wrenches, they looked good so I got them. they work great, very sturdy but thin enough to fit well. and only a few $$

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To search while shopping, use the phrase ‘cone wrench’. These bicycle tools are used to adjust the bearings on wheels, and come in a variety of sizes.

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