Colt 45 - first two sided job

(thebsuguy) #1

Have been wanting to do some two sided cnc work. Though to my self what would be a complicated job, yet very rewarding one…then decided to do a colt 45. Turned out pretty good. Wished i would of used higher quality of wood, but think it got the job done.

(Leith) #2

epic man, very nice, I want to do some nice wooden grips for my pistol too.

(Mark Bellon) #3

Don’t put your finger on the trigger until your ready to shoot.

Can’t tell if it is Colt, but it is a 1911… :slightly_smiling:


(thebsuguy) #4

:smile: you might be right! I dont know jack about guns lol.

(Mark Bellon) #5

:smile: you might be right! I dont know jack about guns lol.

I can tell…

Over gripping.
Incorrectly gripping.
Incorrect finger on trigger placement.
Finger on the trigger.
At least the hammer is down (which means it cannot be fired). Looks like the safety is engaged.


(thebsuguy) #6

You do know its made from wood right…lol

(Kyle B. Bachman) #7

Metal or wood it’s still pretty dangerous. Wouldn’t want a 45 caliber splinter would you. Safety first mate!


Paint it black and wave it around in the wrong place and you might find out how dangerous it can be :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty cool work though.

(Kevin Carrico) #9

absolutely brilliant project… GREAT WORK!!

(Armando Estrada) #10

just awesome!!

I been working in some but yours its way better than min, I’m not even closer to the real shape and I just using a razor blade and sand paper

(Mary Walton) #11

Where did you get the file from?

(Jerry Gray) #12

You can find lots of 3D guns on Thingyverse and other 3d printer sights.
Great work BTW!