Combination of Poket cut Raised & V-Carve CNC op. Using only CC

(PWCNC-Rick) #1

Solid Press. Treated pine board
11 3/4” X 31”
.063 - Square for windshields and Pilot
.200 depth
0.125 - for rear windows also .200 depth.
0.250 - for Aircraft pocket .300 depth
#301 .500 v bit 90 deg forvthe Text
Carving Liner for airplane wing, cowl, etc.
Depth .060

Very happy with the result!
Ps. In process of redoing internet in my shop , will post the CC filed as soon as I am able.


(Alan Nicholson) #2

Very nice…I hope one day I will do as well🙄


(mikep) #3

Ah… The V-Tailed Doctor Killer… :slight_smile:

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(PWCNC-Rick) #4

That was a Typical media driven tag put on an incredibly well built machine!
I’ve owned mine now for 6 years, flown all over the country, in good and bad weather and me and my family are still here. Two previous owners, both doctors.:wink: owned ea. For about 20+ years and never had a hiccup …

Many many a persons teased Walter Beech that he over built his airplanes.
Which he did! But untrained stupid actions will always end in bad results.

Guess forks make people fat, so it’s a bad tool? We should ban them!!! Lol

BE35 is as solid as the wood I cut it out of…

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(mikep) #5

Just a gentle ribbing… :slight_smile:


(Emil Prusha) #6

I have an off line router and use Carbide Create for all my tool paths. I use a Mac, and CC works so easily on it. I now use CC for engraving of signs and circuit boards. All I have to do is save the .nc files to a thumb drive and plug it into my controller.

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(PWCNC-Rick) #7

I have a Plasma cutting table in the works and I’m curious if I can run it with CC


(mikep) #8

Should work if it’ll take gcode.


(Alvin Campbell) #9

Niiiiiiice!!! Two of my favorite things…airplanes and CNC carving!!! I wish I could make something on pine look that good!

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