Come on, wake up!

Not you, but my Windows Surface Pro!

When I run a project my Windows laptop has a habit of turning the screen off then going to sleep, if I’m not paying attention to the screen during a longish run.

Has anyone used Microsoft’s pwrconfig in conjunction with CM to prevent this, please, and how successful was it?


Not the answer to your question, but I disable power management completely on the Win10 laptop I use to drive my Shapeoko. I don’t mind manually putting the laptop to sleep when I am done.


Microsoft, and probably other OS vendors, have all taken the “green” approach and uses power management to shut systems off when the idle time has been exceeded. The problem with this is idle time is calculated on keyboard and/or screen touch. There are two levels of settings, one when on battery power and one while plugged in.

If you have a tablet dedicated to the CNC I would absolutely adjust the power profiles accordingly. For me I set it so the tablet NEVER goes into sleep or power off mode, for both the “on battery” and “Plugged in” profiles. Mine is always plugged in anyone so no issues on the battery side.
Never had an issue since.


I turn off Windows updates also when carving.


I wish Windows had an “I know what I am doing” button and just switch all this stuff off at once.


In Windows under the Settings there is a “Power & Sleep” selection. I have mine set to “Never”.
Never power down after a time.
Never go to sleep after a time.

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I also have my HP laptop set to never go to sleep or shut down the screen. AS Eric suggested to turn the power management off in Settings. Since my machine is not a Surface and it is a rare bird perhaps it has its own settings menu but most likely it is just the Windows 10 Settings to accomplish your goal of not going to sleep.

During the days of CRT screens the screen would get a burned pattern from leaving the screen on. Modern LCD screens will not burn into the screen a ghost image. If you are worried about the energy consumption then turn back on your power management when you are through with using the Shapeoko.

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