Commission - need a file created from svg for use on Shapeoko Pro CNC Router - XXL


We picked up our first job and we’ve only had the Shapeoko Pro CNC Router - XXL
and still need to get up to speed.

We have Carbide Create and need an experienced person to create a file for our 1 off project.

We can supply the SVG and need a carbide create file that we can run. it will basically be a logo on wood which I know is pretty standard but a bit overwhelming for a new machine user.

Please DM me with any questions or bids. We are excited to get our first project, and this will be a great learning moment for a mentoring and side gig scenario. The goal is for us to be able to do ourselves. We are not opposed to outsourcing SVG to Carbide Create on projects if the price is right on one-offs or some reasonable Zoom mentorship/consulting.

Thank you.

This isn’t something you need to pay for — send the SVG file in to and we will prepare a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this.


Like Will said no need for money
Send over the svg to look at and see if it’s for v carving pocket carving etc
Need an ideas of what you want it to look like when complete

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Sweet! Thank you for a quick and supportive company. I didn’t expect this. Cheers. :slight_smile:

We are a community that helps each other with the backing of Carbide 3D, that are outstanding with their support, something a lot of corporate companies should take heed of and replicate

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Post the svg and let’s see what you got

Hi C3Dr’s

Thank you for the advice and support on the file. I sent file to and got a great tutorial on my specific request. It worked out great.

  1. We were able to set-up, simulate, and run the job
  2. We then used that as a template to create a simple sign on wood using just text then run that job.
  3. We are now going to work on putting a border and maybe a basic shape by the text and use layering.
  4. The replies from the community and the C3D provided tutorial built our confidence level 120%.

Our small but confidence building success is a result of the community support.

Thank You.