[Community campfire discussion] what's your favorite material+tool combination and why?

[Post restored from my local notes after server crash. @CrookedWoodTex I seem to remember you had posted something about using MDF and shellac polished to mirror finish, do you mind re-posting that? ]

I thought it would be interesting if we had a few threads in this category about CNC/Shapeoko/Nomad things that may be of interest to everyone.
For this first campfire discussion, I would love to hear about your favorite tool and material to cut (or engrave), and why.

I’ll go first: for me it has to be cutting bamboo with a short 6mm 2-flute upcut square endmill:

  • bamboo cutting boards are easy to get and relatively cheap
  • it makes for very sturdy/rigid parts
  • it mills nicely, very little tearout, like a tight-grain wood. I hate sanding with a passion, and it feels good just knowing I won’t have to spend more than a couple of minutes tops to clean-up parts. When I’m in the mood, I’ll run a finishing pass on contours with a downcut endmill, and then clean-up is down to none.
  • objects made in bamboo have a pretty decent WAF, and don’t look out of place in a (my) kitchen.
  • With a short 6mm endmill I don’t have to care about deflection, and using adaptive toolpaths I can push the DOC and feedrate quite far.

So come seat next to the fire, roast a few marshmallows and share what tool & material combo you enjoy using the most.