Community challenge #11: multi-sided machining (closed)

Some love for the Shapeoko :smiley:

Watch a video of my 3 setup/ 4 bit change toolpaths here:

F360 design here:


Nice ! Now you have to tell us what this is for? watercooling system ?

Looks like a hotend for a 3D printer.

It’s an all in one x-carriage, hot end and direct drive extruder mount for CR10s and Enders. This will replace a bevy of heavy sheet metal and an underperforming stock hot end.


@Liquidice Awesome work! Love the cooling fins and standoffs for the fan! Any heat transfer calculations on the fins? (I mean, it looks plenty capable I’m just curious).

I might have to do something fun like this for my Wanhao i3…looks like you have the Z-Plus for your Z-axis? Looks more than capable in aluminum!

Nice work again!

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I ran a FEA analysis in fusion 360 with a nozzle temp of 220C; outcome put fins in ~35C range with cold end of the heatbreak zone at around 45C.


Working for Autodesk i get so many people on CNC threads complaining about Fusion 360 and that Autodesk is trying to just take your money. But when i see someone like you take advantage of high end FEA capability to solve a problem, I get happy. There is so much value in Fusion360 beyond Modeling and CAM for such a small price. Nice work.


10/10. Fusion360 is an incredibly powerful tool, and when it’s time for me to move from a free plan, I will purchase a license with zero complaints.

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The more you do on F360 the more you learn how deep it goes. These competitions definitely push me into areas of F360 I haven’t explored before. I used FEA on my plastic flexture in the last competition to check on the stress points. Not free but those few trial runs that are included to get you hooked!

This time around it is …censored… and … censored… !


So I edited my previous post to add pictures of the 2 ghosts I just finished last night.
Also whipped this up really quick:

I pulled this file into Fusion:
Scaled it down by 50% to fit the nomad, and then cut out stock from carbide create to include holes at the corners for flip/allignment.

Used blue tape and super glue to hold everything down since that’s my preferred method at this point.

Didn’t really sand off the machine, because of laziness:

Fusion file:


Got a question on the rules? Is it legit to post a project with the proprietary STL file portion removed (vcarve)? It seems that is keeping me from entering the contests and I’ve like to participate.

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It’d be something @Julien would need to weigh in on.
You could just grab something to do for funsies.

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Hi Gary,
The point of that rule is twofold

  1. that these challenges do not turn into “who bought the fanciest vector on Etsy and posted a picture of the awesome result”. That would sure get a lot of votes but most of the credit would go to the original Etsy artist, and that’s not the point.
  2. that folks get a chance to look at the toolpathing strategies used for entries.

Posting a file with the vector art removed would satisfy #2, but not #1. Also I would like to avoid some head-scratching when validating the entries for things that are “on the line”.

So to meet that rule the best would be if you can derive a non-proprietary version of your project. Replace the proprietary vectors with something similarly sized that you would create (or find, that is free to distribute), and rerun the cut ?

Alternatively, I think the C3D contests over on the Facebook group are based on “pictures-only-no-questions-asked” entries (I know this was not your question, and you may or may not want to visit the FB group, I am just mentioning this in case anyone is interested)


i dont know if the challenge is over but here is my entry, im still learning but im having fun. its not a difficult piece buy it the first time ive done anything thatrequired me to cut another side more less 6 sides but here it is…

i started out with a small piece of scrap that measure 1.5"x 1.5"x 1.5" . i had to build a fence on my XXL so that i could repeat the same cut 6 times. had a hard time trying to figure out hold down methods, usually working with thinner flat stock hold down is easy but this being so small was different. i think next time i’m gonna adjust the circle sizes see how much stock i can remove


Hi @millerasm,

The contest is still open (until Aug 2nd), thank you for your entry. Don’t hesitate to edit your post to tell us about the process you followed, difficulties you may have encountered or tips you would share, things you would have done differently, etc… ? That’s a large part of what makes those challenges interesting for others.


HI everyone!, here is my entry:
Created a ride on plane for my 18 Month old son. it has two sided work for rounding both edges on all the surfaces as well as some pockets in both sides of the wings for fasteners and positioning the wing posts and wheels.
for alignment I used a fixed edge on the top and right(end of the wasteboard), and a small pin hole in the middle of the board the size of the bit. i got this idea from cnc nutz in youtube.
it was designed in Fusion360.

Here is the alignment pin and fixed edge:

Some project images:

Main Difficulties:
Ok first of all the most problems I had with this probably should not happen to most as it was with the round over path

  1. I have no experience in woodworking or own a trim router other than the one in my SO3.
  2. I have the SO3 (and very little experience) so decided to let it do the work.(anyone else with some woodworking knowledge could avoid this by using a trim router and would have less 2 sided pieces.)

The problem was: I created the model with all the fillets in place and created references from the rounded edges. when i went to create the cam and chose my round over bit i could not get it to work right. i needed the original edge for the path, so went ahead and deleted all the fillets which caused havoc in my Fusion file and lots of lost references.

So as far as i know my suggestion would be to do all the modeling without the fillets and at the end add all the fillets you want for renders and reference, but this way you could suppress them for CAM and not have them mess up your model.

Note: As of august 4th 2020 fusion 360 added a Manufacture working model, you have to enable it on preview features but this solves my problems with the fillets as yo can edit this model for manufacturing without altering the original version and is probably a better option than my previous suggestion.

and then i had some fit/size issues which i had to create additional pieces like a longer seat post and some other revisions.

Fusion file link:


@Ahaddad very cool, and nicely done, your son must love it.

All, with the deadline on the horizon, now is a good time to double-check your entries vs the rules in the first post.

Listen! I can almost hear @Vince.Fab’s entry around the corner (and it sounds like a muscle car)


Thanks @Julien, you can’t imagine what a tough critic he is :slight_smile: I’ve had to scratch a few projects when I ask him if he likes them on the computer screen! Also I will edit my post tomorrow to add some information on the complications as I did have some.


Modeled in Fusion from drawings, programmed in Fusion, individual parts are then assembled. I don’t have pics of finished product.

U2 Standard v1.stl (2.4 MB)


I am unable to edit my posts to include the Fusion Models so here are links to them.
Sail Boat
Dish Holder

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