Community challenge #14, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

I’m really impressed by the entries in the 14th community challenge.

Let’s vote! (legit community members only, as usual)

Poll will close on Nov 8th midnight PST
That’s also when I’ll do a final check on CutRocket links and add bonus points to the tally.

Change the date pn the closing of voting Oct 8th has passed


Thanks, I fixed it.


CutRocket project created, but VCarve files do not appear to be accepted, nor ZIPs. Will look to translate what I can across to CC, but will take a while.

Ha, hadn’t thought of that detail :confused:
I propose you just export your VCarve file as SVG, import it back in CC, and archive that in CutRocket, good enough as far as I am concerned to meet the rule, as you already provided the design files in the challenge thread itself.

7 Files exported/imported and posted. Not sure if moderator needs to release the file, it is not showing in the available projects - but from my login I can open and explore it within CutRocket. One more file to convert and post

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Yeah it does take some time for the project to show up on the CutRocket front page.
You can just paste the cutrocket link you have in your entry post. Thanks !

.zip archives should upload — let us know if you have difficulties with them.

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Congratulations @ScottsdaleSteve for winning first place with your awesome marble machine!

@AndyC takes second place with a beautiful clock that I’m sure will have inspired others to make their own, there is something fascinating about mechanical clocks and having machined one must feel great.

Jury’s prize goes to @JoeA for his lightning fast drawing machine, well done!

@Lourdes will contact you about your prizes.

Yet again superb entries, thank you everyone for keeping this fun and inspiring, and see you soon for the next challenge!


Fabulous to be amongst the winners, and congratulations to Steve and his marvellous marble machine.

Certainly an inspirational challenge, and thoroughly enjoyed taking part.


Wow - I’m honored! Thank you for the votes. It was a nail-biter! Once again, a bunch of awesome and creative entries by everyone. A clock is now on my to-do list. Thanks again to the Carbide 3D team for sponsoring these inspirational challenges and for offering up such great prizes!

A few months ago I agonized over an upgrade to the Z-Plus vs. HDZ, and ultimately went with the Z-Plus. It’s been great, but I’m thrilled to step up to the HDZ!


Congratulations to the winners @ScottsdaleSteve and @AndyC Your work was awesome and the prizes well deserved!

Thanks everyone for the votes! I’m super excited to win the Jury’s prize on my first competition, and of course thanks to @Julien and the wonderful people at Carbide 3d for hosting a great competition with jaw dropping prizes!!

Looking forward to the next competition!