Community challenge #17: VOTE HERE

Cool maps have been submitted in challenge #17, it’s time to vote (legit community members only, as usual):

Poll will close on Feb 7th midnight PST
That’s also when I’ll do a final check on CutRocket links and add bonus and handicap points to the tally.

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Awesome contest and entries this time around. Love maps and this one has certainly added to the inspiration pile!


That Fallout 4 map is killer! I want one!

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I’m afraid the “legit community members only” part of my message did not come through, I’m sorry to say I’ll have to remove a number of votes from folks who came here only to vote.
(Reminder from the early contests: I don’t want these challenges to turn into “who has the largest amount of friends they can call”, hence this rule)


Results are in. After all is said and done (vote count, removing invalid votes, adding bonuses, removing handicap points), we have this:

@ColdCoffee gets first place for a wonderful Fallout4 map (despite the -2 “two-times former winner handicap”, I guess it will be even harder for you next time Robert! :slight_smile: )

Second place goes to @steveJ for a pretty nice world map.

This time around Jury’s prize goes to @Radiation, for a relief map that doubles as a flag, neat idea.

@Lourdes will be in touch to ship your cutters and swag.

Thank you all for participating, and I’ll see you in challenge #18!