Community challenge #2, 2019-2020 edition : VOTE HERE!

Votes are now open, based on entries submitted here.
(I created a separate thread, the poll may not have been visible/accessible enough if I had edited the original thread)

You can cast your votes for one or several of the contestants:

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Poll will close on Dec 31st midnight PST, as the ball (virtually) drops on Carbide 3D’s headquarters


Thanks everyone for the great vote turnout so far, 48h of 2019 left before the results, keep voting !


The community has spoken, congrats to @BubbyDog who wins first place, and @neilferreri for runner up !

@Jorge will send you a PM for collecting your prizes

So many great entries again, thanks everyone !

Have a great 2020, and stay tuned for community challenge #3, coming up next


Thank you very much for the votes guys! And thank you Julien and Carbide 3d! This was so much fun for me, a great experience for design and implementation. Also much respect to all the other entry’s, some very cool ideas and designs!
Neils design was elegant and achieved perfection it’s simplicity, and MHoffman’s stand had a lot of very cool features, I really liked the watch holders and how he made it so you can feed the power cord through from the back for the phone.
Can not wait for the next one!
Happy New Year everyone!


Wow! Thanks everyone! I just realized I forgot to vote.
What a great variety of designs and ideas. I ordered some parts to make a wireless charger as soon as I saw @agentwusabi’s design.
@BubbyDog, your designs look cool before you even cut the parts… Thanks for sharing.
The idea behind these contests is a great one. Thanks @Julien for getting them going again.
Happy New Year!