Community challenge #21: VOTE HERE

Thank you all for your participation in challenge #21, let’s vote
(reminder: legit forum members only / friends don’t ask friends to create fake accounts to vote)

Poll will close on June 13th, midnight PST

I may be showing my age…
What is…
a D&D spell count device?
Magnetic hoist, to lift what?
Cable holder, for what?

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Not sure of the other two, but the D&D spell counter is a game aid for a table top game from 1974 called Dungeons and Dragons. Maybe you’re actually too young :wink:


I graduated High School that year.
I go that much, My issue is what is it exactly?
Is it dice? (6 sided) (12 sided) or is it like a dreidel, spinning top like with how many sides? Does it have numbers at all or are there spells on each side? What are the spells.
I know I can probably look this up on the Internet, but what fun is there in that. :innocent:

Still need more info on the other items.

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for the other two, @Moded1952 and @minimachinist told us about what they use it for (or intended to use it for) here and here?


Haha… well, for some players, they need to keep track of the magic spell slots their character has available. There are nine spell levels, and this helps them keep track of what they’ve used.

Its basically a mechanical histogram :slight_smile:


Last chance to vote, have a nice week-end everyone!

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Sorry folks, life got in the way and I’m a bit late announcing the results.

Congrats @Gerry for winning 1st place (see, I was right to twist your arm to participate :slight_smile: )

@Tyson wins 2nd place with a simple but effective design that is likely to be copied by lots of folks looking for gift ideas for their nephews/grandchildren/etc…

Jury’s prize follows popular vote and goes to @DrEigenbot, pretty cool design.

@Lourdes will be in touch with the winners.

Thank you all again for you participation, and see you in challenge #22!