Community challenge #25: VOTE HERE

Cool entries in Community challenge #25!

Let us vote now.
(gentle reminder: legit forum members only / friends don’t ask friends to create fake accounts to vote)

Vote will close on Oct 24th, midnight PST. Good luck!


Well done to all those who entered, your creativity salutes you, and i thank you for the info and inspiration.



Time is up, thank you all for voting!

Congratulations @SLabuta for a clear-cut win and showing us that joinery techniques do not necessarily only apply to 200Lbs furniture :slight_smile:

Congrats to @LiamN’s for showing us that CNC joinery techniques do also apply to 200Lbs furniture :slight_smile:

This time around the jury’s prize will not follow the popular vote, it goes to @Tyson for a great write-up and going to the physical limits of his shop while making that growth ruler.

@Jorge will be in touch with the winners.

Stay tuned for challenge #26.