Community challenge #4, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

Thank you all for your entries in challenge #4, very inspiring again. My “I should try this sometime” list just gets longer and longer…

This way for the vote !

Friendly reminder: voting is open to legit community members only (you know who you are, and I can tell too :wink: )

  • dakyleman (decorative arch panel)
  • mball269 (wooden vent register)
  • bluelight (trippy paint mask entry)
  • JaiFlors (decorative wall-mounted panel)
  • MarkDGaal (Great Wave of Kanagawa)
  • DWood (streep map air return cover)
  • Jairo (decorative sides for shelves)
  • bluelight (window on wall welcome sign)
  • duexx (halftone sea-through)
  • neilferreri (Cleveland sign)
  • rafi (tree of life)
  • Madebydefault (C3D themed panel for enclosure)

0 voters

Poll will close on Feb 21st midnight PST, good luck everyone!

Side note: if you made a C3D-themed piece, you have a moral obligation to make a second one and ship it to @Jorge for the Community Hall of Fame :slight_smile:

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Wow, so many inspiring entries, how do you pick just one? I couldn’t and voted for several! Just like @Julien, my list continues to grow :laughing:

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falling down in the “latest” index so Bump…

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final bump ! I’ll close the vote in a few hours.

Congrats @MarkDGaal for winning first place! That layered Great Wave sure looks awesome.

Second place goes to @duexx for an entry which I’m sure will launch a trend around making halftone projects on the Shapeoko, I know I will.

Judge’s prize goes to @DWood, for an entry that was original, simple to replicate, and very much in line with the theme of the contest.

@Jorge will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you all for making this fourth challenge as interesting as it was, and sharpen your V-bits for challenge #5 coming up next week!


Wohoooo, looks like it’s time I install t nuts back in my wasteboard! Thank you all and congrats to @duexx and @DWood for some great entries. I can’t wait to make a layered 2D map of DC and cut out the streets out of a different wood and place it on top!