Community challenge #5, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

Again lots of interesting and diverse entries in challenge #5, you guys rock.

I’m not going to be too strict on rules this time, as all posts were done with the right mindset (i.e. sharing / helping each other out). So I basically validated all entries except dantahoua’s (sorry, niece piece but no close-up, no details and no file won’t cut it).

As usual I’ll leave a friendly reminder here: voting is open to legit community members only (you know who you are, and I can tell too :wink: )

  • Vince.Fab : titanium business card
  • Sbedow7885: Blackhawks sign
  • Sbedow7885: Flag/firefighter tribute
  • Microwave_Monkey: tree of life
  • DSherwood: wall hanging/mandala-style
  • MarkDGaal: knurled succulent planters
  • i3oilermaker: inlaid triangles serving tray
  • MikeG : lighthouse
  • SLStreit: steel touchmark stamp
  • micphigoo: Christmas on a cross
  • micphigoo: V-carved clock
  • m_price: mayan sunstone table (license?)
  • m_price: halftoner examples
  • m_price: Grand Lake coffee table
  • stutaylo: Stu + Nikki gift
  • neilferreri: Fusion360 inlay technique

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Poll will close on March 16th midnight PST, good luck everyone!

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How does the voting multiple times thing work?

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Looks like you can vote one time, but you can vote for as many entries as you want.


Yes, I set the max number of votes to 16, which is the total number of entries, so you can vote for as many entries as you like.

what is the protocol in regards to voting for yourself? Not that I am in the running :sweat_smile:

You can absolutely vote for yourself.

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Ha! Well, okay…watch out boys and girls, here I go straight to the top! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Time is up.

Congratulations @i3oilermaker ! Great idea and execution.

Second place goes to @Vince.Fab for V-carving adamantium titanium. You will need to get the “vertical” version of those T-tracks I guess :slight_smile:

And the jury’s prize goes to @MarkDGaal, for the “out of the box” thinking on that project!

@Jorge will be in touch with you shortly.

Have fun, be safe, #socialdistancing, and see you for contest #6.


I demand a recount! Kidding. Great work @Vince.Fab and @i3oilermaker!

If anyone would like to collaborate for contest 6 Drop me a PM; I’m moving and the wife made me pack up the Shapeoko for the open house :rage:.


:mask: you guys are still allowed to have OPEN HOUSE events ?!!

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Whaat? Tell her it is a PROVEN fact that a Shapeoko is better than the smell of baked bread at enticing prospective buyers…

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2 at a time 6 ft apart.

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It’s not until the second week of April, but yes for now it’s still scheduled as planned. We actually went to a few open houses this past weekend.

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