Community challenges timing: POLL

Hi there,

We’ve been trying to find the sweet spot for the timing of those challenges (submissions + voting), such that there is good momentum (and challenge) but still enough time to think/work/try things. I realize that for those of you who get very little shop time, the current deadlines might deter you from even considering submissions.


  • Current timing is fine (theme announced, 10 days to submit, 7 days to vote)
  • Please slow down a bit, I would like to participate but I can’t keep up.

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Just a thought but maybe giving us a few days before contest starts to get designs done may give others more time to get involved. I might take a few days to do the design work, a few days to get material ready (maybe glue up some boards), time to cut, and finish. Those of us that use epoxy next to epoxy need time for it to cure in between cuts.

Just hard sometimes to take the time away from other projects.

But the project are awesome and love seeing everyones perspectives on a singular concept.


I voted to slow it down, only because my rostered time at work is 2 weeks - if one starts while I’m at work I miss it, or am rushed to get something out

Also seeing the huge number in entrants in Challenge #3 after @Julien extended the due date showed that maybe people need a bit more time.

My vote is for 15 days or 2 weeks, with 7 days to vote


for those where CNC is “the weekend”… having at least 2 weekends in the window would be nice


I don’t have time for silly polls! There’s a contest going on!



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Allright, I’ll keep the vote open but it’s pretty clear what the answer is, I will change to 15 days including two week-ends.