Compact Router vs Dewalt and Makita

(David Flowers) #1

it’s been month’s since I have visited the site and I notice Carbide now has a compact router option. How does this compare to the Dewalt and Makita performance?


(William Adams) #2

The Carbide Compact Router is essentially a rebadged Makita with a longer cord and no unnecessary accessories.


(Luc) #3

The Carbide router product description says that the speed is 12 to 30K and the Makita is 10 to 30K addressing the issue that the Dewalt is 16 to 27K so it does not have a low enough speed for some application. From the comments gathered here, the Dewalt and seems to also go through brushes more frequently than the Makita but it has a light to see the endmill more clearly.