Compatibility of original S3 with CC and CM

I own a kickstart S3. I’ve used it for a few projects but it’s been mostly collecting dust for at least a year. I have finally cleared some space and want to get back into making things.
Is there a chart somewhere listing the various permutations of what versions of software (mostly CM I suppose) that are compatible with what versions of hardware/firmware? I’m still running a plain jane original S3: no limit switches, no homing, no bitsetter, you get the idea. CM sits on an old laptop no clue what version. My trial for CC Pro is long expired.
Although I have no issues using it as it sits (I use the paper method for Z axis and got pretty good at setting my XY 0,0 fairly repeatably for my past projects, my vacuum fixtures help with that) I wouldn’t be adverse to upgrading a few things but don’t know exactly what plays with what.

Thanks for any pointers, i tried a search but obviously was not looking hard enough or it’s just not there.

I think @WillAdams or support (you may want to kick them an e-mail), would have to weigh in, but from what I understood the board has been pretty standard. CM and CC should both still work. I think you can buy prox switches(or limit switches), and you might have to do some drilling on the plate to get them mounted.
Worst case you can buy a new board and start upgrading from there. I think if you were to buy a Z-plus (which gets you some proximity sensors), you’d be most of the way to mimicking current S3’s.

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A Launch edition Shapeoko 3 would have shipped with Grbl 0.9 and can be used w/ Carbide Motion 3 as is:

If you have added homing switches, you can update to Grbl 1.1 and use Carbide Motion 5.

If you have not yet added homing switches there are two options:

  • work up your own, which would allow using the existing controller
  • update to the proximity switches: Shapeoko Proximity Switch Kit - Carbide 3D — note that this will also require replacing the control board for $149, CM Board w/ enclosure (contact support for the hidden shop page)

Alternately on that latter you might want to update your Z-axis to a Z-Plus or HDZ which would include the proximity homing switches (but would also still require a new controller).

I would suggest a Maintenance Kit which will get you to 9mm wide belts (ask that a set of 10mm pulleys be shipped w/ the kit when you place the order).

Or, upgrade to the XL or XXL size (note that the expansion packs are to be discontinued November of this year) which will get one both switches and belts.

If you need further specifics, let us know at and we’ll do our best to assist.

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Thanks all, putting together a shopping list…

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