Complete Carbide Motion Tutorial?

I just installed my HDZ and CM 5 was the option given to update the grbl. Everything is working fine, but CM 5 has a number of new workflow items that I have been learning by ‘experiementing’. I saw Winston’s VERY brief overview but it did not cover the new items like spindle start, resume, etc. Am I just missing the spot where this is located, or are we supposed to use the ‘blind squirrel’ method to learn CM5? BTW, looks very promising…

Spindle Start/Resume only works for folks who have a Nomad or have wired in a relay or other spindle control.

We’ll do our best to get all this documented presently.

If you have any specific questions, please let us know at

Thanks Will… on a related note, the first time I tried to run version build 513, it had the dreaded
"the program can’t start because msvcp140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem’. A reinstall did not help, but I realized I needed to download the x86 version of the Microsoft redistributable rather that the file the program loads. Once I downloaded the x86 version and ran it, the program started and ran just fine. I loaded the new HDZ spindle in the settings page, sent new grbl commands to the Shapeoko and I was golden… Might note this on the download page and compile a version for x86 (legacy) systems…

Thanks again!!

Frank C

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I recently upgraded to HDZ and CC4.62 and CM 5.12. I have had several issues with connection. The CM opens and I click “Connect to Cutter”. There is a brief pause and then I get a dialog box about failed to connect. I tried several times, then powered off the controller and success on connection and homing. I am wondering if this is a timing issue with the wait time to connect to the cutter.

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