Complete footprint of the shapeoko 3

The listed footprint for the Shapeoko3 is 28.5 x 24.5 x 16" BUT is that just the base of the machine or does that include the 3" overhang, and the electronics box on the back of the y rail ?? I am ordering my Shapeoko3 next week and need to rearrange my little shop. A corner is available with access to front and one side. Should I assign space to access both sides (ends) of the machine? So I am afraid if I build the box to 32 x 28 x 18 that it won’t fit when I get it. Please advise me if the “dimensions” include the entire machine and not just the base. I searched the forum for foot print of the Shapeoko 3 and no one mentioned the actual overall dimensions. I also did not see this information in the wiki pages. Thanks as always.

The electronics box doesn’t project past the rear of the base when the X rail is all the way to the back but the router mount extends 3.5" past the front of the base when all the way to the front so the actual size is 28.5" square.

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Thanks Jared, let the progress begin.

There is a 3D model available at:

Guess we could pull an overhead view out of that and annotate it for this sort of thing?

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Wow!! Now that is helpful. Thanks Will and Ed also.

Confused about the 3" overhang, The surface of the mdf base board on the shapeoko 3 is lower than the top edge of the front angle iron “rail”. So without the overhang than the working area within the base board area is roughly 12" x 16". If I want to utilize the overhang area than the additional spoil board would require a groove on the bottom side to accommodate the edge of the offending “rail”. Should I plan an additional frame for that extra 3" overhang to stiffen the mdf spoil board and avoid the “diving board” effect? I have not read any mention of this anywhere so is it an anomaly on my machine? I plan to mount my makita high enough so that the tool will always be higher than the offending edge of “rail” with tool inserted into collet at max height. To control any flex in the spoil board’s unsupported middle I plan to use angle iron rails on the 2 side edges between the front and back angle iron “rails”. Flexing has been discussed and this would be my answer. Thanks to all as your replies are what makes this forum so good.

We have a bit on the work area on the wiki:

Cutting Area (note that this includes a 2 3/16" overhang area at the front of the machine — a further wrinkle is that the front and rear plate edges project slightly above the MDF wasteboard)
Shapeoko 3
Metric: 425mm x 425mm (note that Carbide Create limits this to 406.4 x 406.4mm)
Imperial: 16+" (X-axis) x 16+" (Y-axis)
Imperial: ~33" (X-axis) x ~16+" (Y-axis)
Imperial: ~33" (X-axis) x ~33" (Y-axis)
Z-axis: Cutting distance: ~2" (50mm). Cutting range: 3" (75mm). These numbers will depend upon endmill selection and fixturing. It is possible to cut along the entire ~3" for certain projects, esp. those which will fit in the overhang at the front of the machine. Total travel ~4.25"[14] (add 30mm if DWP-611 is mounted to top set of holes)[15] — on one machine constrained by limit switches: 14¼″ from center of endmill at back of machine to edge of Wasteboard, 16⁷⧸₁₆″ total travel; 16½″ side-to-side[16] Note that it is possible to mount stock at the front of the machine, or to cut a hole in the Wasteboard and cut things which otherwise would not fit.[17]

From those dimensions, it looks like the XL and XXL have the same cutting dimensions (33"x33"). Is that an error on the wiki?

Yep, typo, will fix.

So I am new to this CNC world. Been woodworking for 40 years but not with technology like this. Anyway, i’m Looking for a place to position a base model Shapeoko 3. What would minimum interior dimensions be for an enclosure for this machine? I followed this thread and never got the actual needed dimensions. Sounds like 28” x 28” footprint allowance but how much height? I have a less than ideal location under my work bench that could easily accommodate an enclosed shelf but want to be sure I provide the correct dimensions for an enclosure as I will be building the shelf over the next few days. Any help will greatly appreciated. (Btw, I could never find the measured drawing of the Shapeoko 3 on the Wiki. My lack of finesse I suspect.). Thanks in advance. drdk

The drawings for the machine should be linked at:

Overall dimensions are noted at:

SO3: 28-1/2″W × 24″L × 16″H

so you’ll need more than 28" of internal width, and you’ll want more space at the front if you wish to use the overhang area.

Height depends on how you plan to handle dust collection and cable management.

There are some links to various discussions at:

So, if my enclosure has internal dimensions of 30” x 30” x 18”, will that fulfill most cable management and dust collection issues? I am limited to 30” depth but up to 40” width. Height is my biggest concern, I guess. I can get 20” if I need that much. Thanks for the quick response

Those dimensions match up with a fair number of enclosures which folks have built — should work well.

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