Computer hangs up

Just repurposed my CAD computer to the workshop. Ran a couple of test files and everything goes well until I disconnect (thru UGS) from the Shapeoko controller. Then computer hangs up; no USB connections, screen frozen. All computer cable routings arefar from AC circuits.

Had the same problem with my original computer; Panasonic Toughbook. Thought it might be the USB hub, but have eliminated that and cabled directly to CPU.

Any thoughts?

See if Carbide Motion has the same problem? If it does, we can assist w/ that at

I upgraded my laptop to Winders 11 I7 a few months ago. When I am ready to finish with my Shapeoko I would turn it off with my usb cable still attached. That would crash my Winders 11 laptop and get the dreaded blue screen of death. So I changed my procedure and unplugged the usb before powering down the Shapeoko. Well old habits are hard to change and I turned the Shapeoko off and it did not crash. Of course Windows had several updates from the beginning to the later time and guess what? My laptop does not crash anymore. Now CD3 did not change but Windows sure did something. So make sure your are up to date on patches before you go into a lot of in depth troubleshooting. It just might turn out to be Winders and not the Shapeoko.

Winders always moves 1 step forward and two backward with each update they do. MS Winders is the best worst operating system in the world. How can such a defective product for so long not get pushed out of the market.

Because Apple is a control freak, and to use Linux you almost have to be a codemonkey.
I’ll stick with Windows.

I have used MS since DOS, Winders 1,2,3… but I hate it. Linux is great but there are no consumer apps for it. I am a certified Systems Administrator for Solaris but that has no consumer apps. Apple is so controlling and ties you to their revenue stream. Stuck between a rock and hard place. Like you I keep using Winders but hate it. On my phone I am stuck with Android constantly snooping on you and generating revenue for Google. The bottom line is all OS’s are simply tools to generate revenue and snoop on its users.


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It took a bit of time, but finally tried Carbide Motion yesterday. Same problem; random hang up requiring reset from CPU. Submitting to support. Thanks for the response.