Computer/laptop recommendations

Hi looking for suggestions for computers/laptops which would be great for working with the Shapeoko 3.
Budget £600
Thank you

The community has notes on this at:

I think a fanless/sealed tablet with an active stylus is the best option — a numeric keypad (some folks like a wireless one) is a nice option.

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Thanks,do you know if an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil would work as I already have one if these?
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Unfortunately, an iPad Pro can’t be used to (directly) control the machine — it won’t function as a USB host device, and there’s no software in the App store for this sort of thing.

You can instead use a small single board computer and connect using a tablet interface such as:

connect with a browser to port 8080


I’d also suggest looking into Shapr3D and MeshCAM (some discussion of that here).

Previous discussion:

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Hi will thank you for all the information you have gave me I’ll look into this.
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