Computer / machine cable

I need to get a longer machine to computer cable. Is any cable with the same connections compatible with the machine?

How long do you think you will need?

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Maybe 10 feet. I don’t think there should be too much loss over that distance with the A/B cable.

Only up to a 6 foot length is supported.

Some folks have managed longer runs by using an active repeater cable or a by interposing a powered USB hub, but this is not supported.

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Ok, thank you for your time.

Having your computer that far away from your machine to zero and probe for Bitzer will be inconvenient. You need to jog and probe and see what you are doing and reach the keyboard.


I’ve been using a 15ft shielded A/B USB cable on my SO3 XXL for a few years now with no issues. I initially thought that my computer would be farther from the SO3, so I have about 10ft of it just coiled up in a little 6" diameter coil. I should switch to a shorter cable, but it works, soooo…

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Are those barrels on each end of the cabled that is supplied resistors?

Thank you for response by the way.

They are ferrite chokes to suppress interference picked up by the cable.


That may be true and I’m thankful for the responses.

I’m actually trying to keep the laptop away from the fine dust, if possible. Due to the connection on the machine being in the back, 30+ inches from the front, that leaves about 3.5 feet to plug in a cable. I don’t think it was considered, that a six foot cable would put the computer in the direct line of dust. Even if you could move completely around the machine you’d be out of arms reach of the machine with a 6ft cable. I know I’m new to cnc though not new to working smarter, not harder. I rapid set the bit and bring it, by eye, within mm’s of touching zero / the work so it’s not too awful inconvenient. It’s funny, I asked and got an answer from support though nobody actually said whether a longer cable would actually work.

Thank you

Scott Hippert
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I searched for a cable that was shielded. Best buy didn’t have one nor did computer stores. They said, and are correct, most printers are wifi / bluetooth. Amazon had what I needed and I used it today. So far I’ve had no problems.

Thank you to everyone who took time to comment and assist.

USB cables usually have a foil wrapper inside. The important thing for usb cables are the chokes called ferrite beads that keep the cable from transmitting high frequency noise or picking up high frequency noise from surrounding appliances. If you did not get the ferrite beads attached you can purchase them and they just snap on. The longer cable the more noise can be introduced into a usb cable. The ferrite beads are obvious because they look like big capsule pills attached to the cable on the outside. Here is an example of a usb cable with ferrite beads (chokes).

Tripp Lite USB 2.0 Hi-Speed A/B Cable with Ferrite Image1

The cable does have ferrit chokes. I didn’t do alot after putting the new cable to use as I was late to watch a hockey game. That said, I didn’t see any change, we’ll see tomorrow.

If the ferrite beads work you will never notice them.


I bought a ‘skin’ for the keyboard portion of my laptop to help with the dust somewhat - enough that I think it will work out O.K.

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