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Hi everyone,
I have a question about computer speed. Please understand I am very challenged when it comes to computers. I turn them on and expect them to work if they don’t I am hammered. I bought a computer with a much faster processor and want to use it for creating projects while using the old computer to run CM. Plan on using a flash drive to move the projects from one to another.
Does carbide motion require more or less processing speed than CC.
I know that CC requires a lot to process large files, but does CM require the same amount when cutting the same project?
Thank You for your patience.

Hi @Neal1,

CM actually requires very, very little processing power. Because basically it does not do any data crunching, it “just” reads G-code lines in a file and sends that over the serial interface to the machine, repeatedly.

There are compatiblity requirements on the operating system version, but processor-wise, even the weakest oldest CPU can run it. Some people run it on cheap Windows tablets, that have very low-end processors.

Using an older computer to use CM in the shop is a great idea, and very is common.


As Julien said almost any computer will work. However if you make complicated or large projects a faster computer helps. I would not buy a new computer just for cc but if you do other cpu/memory apps then you can benefit from a fast computer with lots of memory.


I use a middle-of-the-road PC bought in 2011 to run Carbide Motion. That should give you an idea of what it takes to run CM.


I run CM off of an old HP Pavillion laptop from 2007…it’s been upgraded with an SSD & Win10. And it keeps running. Biggest issue I have with it is that the screen brightness has degraded over the years. But it still works!


Thank you to all that took the time to respond.

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