Computer Won't Recognise Nomad

In need of help!

I am attepting to update my Nomad 883, its a Pro and its about a year and a half old now. My old desktop crashed and I had recently bought a new one. I downloaded the newest version of Carvide Motion and MechCam. I saw there was a grbl 1.1 update that I had missed. I downloaded the updater and attempted. It would tell me to hold the z limit switch to continue on with the update. I held it but it would notify me saying i let go when i did not. I tried a couple time and then after that the computer no longer identify the nomad.

When I open Carbide Motion, then click connect to cutter, it pops up with "Error: Grbl Error: Cutter Not Found. It is also carbide Build 4.0.412 if that is needed at all. I know when I used it last was a few months back.

I have also checked in the control panel -> device manage -> ports and no Nomad appears. Not sure what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated.

I also have uninstalled carbide motion v4 and reinstalled v3 with no changes. The computet will no longer recognize the nomad even though it did earlier.

Please any help out there? It recognized it earlier and now wont.

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