ConFusion360 dilemma

I have not used Fusion360 in quite a while. everything I was trying to do I completed in CC.
Ok, what I am trying to do here is as follows.
I am trying to place multiple medallions, an stl file, into aboard in Fusion360. The board is 18.375 X 5.125. I have scaled the medallion to what I believe to be 2.0 inches.
Here is what I currently have.

the issue is I have no clue where to go from here?
Do I have to edit the STL file somehow? Put the Medallion on top of the project, sink it into the work, I am in a quandary.


You don’t need the 3D model of your material at this point. You can draw a sketch of the dimensions of your stock here for reference to assist in the layout of the medallions. Once you have them where you want them, go to the Manufacture section in F360 to start the setup of your CAM work to create the program to cut out the medallions.

I am new to F360 CAM so I’ll just share a few things I did and let the pro’s weigh in on the details.

In the Manufacture tab create a new setup. Here you can define your stock which will overlay a box as in your photo. Remember when you layout your medallions to leave room for the clamps and cutter clearance.

As for setting up the best toolpaths I have not done and 3D toolpaths which it looks like you would need for what you are going for here so again I’ll let the experts take that one for you.

Best of luck on your program.

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Don’t make copies of the mesh…you’ll crash Fusion.
Once you have your toolpaths setup, you can create a pattern of your toolpaths that fit your actual stock.


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