Congrats Winston!

(Scott Conant) #1

@wmoy just saw your video on your channel about joining Carbide3D!

I wish you all the best in this new endeavor.

(Phil Gorsuch) #2

Beat me to the punch! Definitely good to hear this news!

(Patricio Suarez) #3

Great news for the Carbide3D family!!!. Godspeed @wmoy!!!.

(Winston) #4

Thanks guys, really excited about the transition. We have a ton of info and media we want to be able to share to the community so keep an eye out for that. Many videos coming soon…

(Richard Weiss) #5

I have followed you a long time. Congratulations

(Jason Morgan) #6

@wmoy Started watching your videos when I started looking into CNC routers. Still love the content. Congrats on the new position.

(Josh) #7

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing new content on the Carbide 3d channel (and your channel of course).

(Gary Mitchell) #8

Awesome news, congratulations!

(Reid Forrest) #9

Welcome, Winston! I’ve been watching your videos since I started looking at CNC. You were a big reason I made the plunge!

(Michael Pounders) #10

You annd your videos is what sold me on Shapeoko. Congrates, and look forward to your new videos.

(Adam Albert) #11

Wow! Awesome news. Congrats Winston!

(Chris) #12

Congrats, I have seen your videos but never put two and two together.

(George J. Foreman) #13

Congrats and welcome to LA! Looking forward to more great content, as well as your take on life here on the Left Coast.

(Gary) #14

Congratulations on the new job Winston. I’m sure you will be a valuable member of the team.

(Jeff Wimer ) #15

Yes Winston. keep up the great work.

(Jaime ) #16

Great news!

Following your videos for some months and besides the informative content, your video-edition skills are great!

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