Connect Four Game designed in Carbide Create

Its Toys and Games Season, that magical time of year when we buy plastic toys only to throw them away.
So I used Carbide Create to draft a Connect Four Design with short run/ local production in mind.
Something like these Wooden Connect Four Games:

I like the heirloom look of Handmade toys.
This layout of splitting the production across 2 sheets allows for High Quality contrasting woods to be used for each run. This would be a nice way to avoid needing to paint the wood grain.

(This could also be made out of Acrylic… )

The frame and chip parts are all nested so 2 runs of this job should be enough to complete 1 complete product.

Heres the rough sketch showing how the parts will fit together:

Everything fits in rabbit joint slots and gets glued together except for the slider that blocks the chips from falling.
Note: The Dividers must face the same direction, and after I make the first part I will most likely change something.

This C2D file is designed to fit on a Standard S3 bed and uses .25" thick material and a .125" endmill.

connect 4c.c2d (192.8 KB)

16" x 14" x 0.25"

Top Left Corner Origin, but double check all the settings and correct for your specific material.

Take a look, download the C2d file above and make one!
Scale it up, or down, have fun.

Post a picture if you make one, feel free to elaborate and refine on the design, we need more quality products out there!



Project Update, the dividers had a pocket that was too deep and the slider doesnt need a pocket, so the Design file is now updated to this:

connect 4 V2.c2d (191.4 KB)

The first test cut of the Connect Four design on the XXL.

This White melamine coated MDF is awful, the plastic coating is just a mess.
Even though this is a scrap test, the material makes it hard to diagnose any problems while running the job.
MDF is pretty forgiving, but you cant see the sidewall due to the plastic.

I tried to find a positive with this material, and I cant find one.

MDF is only good for spoil boards.

The Parts all fit, but the slider needed to be strengthened. So it has been simplified: the step was removed, so it is .25" thick across its surface now, and the channel it slides in has been enlarged to match.

Next Run will be with the updated V2 design in 1/4" Baltic birch plywood from Rockler, “24x30"x.25” for $10.99


Thanks for posting this, I was actually trying to make one for my first project since my Shapeoko arrived. I was on my third attempt when i decided to lurk around the forums and found your post. Thank you again , I will be trying this out this weekend.