Connect to cutter?

Got 3/4 way done with project and CONNECT TO CUTTER pops up and machine stops???

I restared all over and happened again about 2 min from being done? I had all electrical appliances off all light off and nothing running but router and machine ?

Who know what happened and how to correct it?

It sounds like an EMI-related disconnect. Did you have dust collection/shopvac running ?
You can contact, they can provide guidance to identify the source of the disconnects and best practices to avoid them

no dust collection and all other appliances off.

It’s probably best to contact support, but in the meantime the folks here will be happy to share their tips I think.
Common recommandations are:

  • if this happened all of a sudden and your machine did not have disconnects before, check your router brushes, they may be worn out.
  • route the router power cable away from the USB cable
  • ground the router or router mount (wrapping a copper wire around the router body and tying the other end to a known-good grounding point is one way)
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router is brand new. Ive run it apx 30 min total.
I made it a point to have all wires spread out as far as possible.

It’s getting late over here so I will leave this in the hands of the rest of the community / Will for today.
What will help is if you can describe what you are cutting, whether it worked before without any disconnects, what details are different for those latest jobs, etc…

There is a lot of noise that occurs when you run a router near sensitive electronics such as a computer/USB connection.

There is a section on this page for USB Disconnection. This is what I did to solve my issues:

  • Grounded my Router/X-Axis
  • Powered USB Hub
  • Anti-Static Dust Hose

You mention you are not using dust extraction, which could also be an issue. Have you tried running the job but with a hose in your hand to collect dust? (Obviously if you do this be careful and use a wand extension or something)


Please note that we have had instances where the accumulated static discharged when a hand-held dust wand was touched to the machine when attempting to vacuum by hand while the machine is running. Because of that and the inherent dangers, it should not be done.

Run the machine w/o dust collection, then vacuum up after when testing thus.

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