Connecting nodes

I have a c2d fie and need to connect nodes. When I converted a JPG to SVG some of the lines did not connect. How can I get these nodes to connect with each other to make it one continuous line on the file?

Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 4.41.07 PM

You can either Node edit them to cut things and then join them:


Join Vectors and deselect:

Or draw in geometry and then Boolean Union.

If this doesn’t work, please post the file.

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Thanks Will
I knew there had to be a way to connect the nodes.

My main issue is … I imported a JPEG that has so many nodes it takes for ever to load the screen which leads me to believe it’s going to really slow down the file once I sent it to CM.

The screenshot I provided is just a small section but as you can see there are so many nodes are in every direction.


I use Inkscape to convert bitmap images to svg. You can change a lot of settings and preview to get less jaggy lines. You select the image and go to Path then Trace Bitmap. Then play around with the thresholds and smoothing to get a better image. Then Save As a simple svg. The Inkscape svg works but in the more recent CC I always get a message that something is not importing correct but it always does.

Post the pixel image either here or to

Usually I handle such files by tracing them in Carbide Create (it really is amazing how good the tracing in it is), exporting to an SVG, opening in Inkscape and re-saving as a PDF, then using the Simplify command in Freehand, then reversing that process.

Probably the most expedient way to handle it is to just make a cleaner/smoother pixel image — import into a pixel editor, upsample the file, apply Gaussian blur or some other suitable filter, then downsample, then try tracing.

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