Connecting Stepper and limit switch connections

I have a Shapeoko 3 XXL and the instruction are very weak, so much missing so much trial and error.

I finally am ready to connect the stepper cable to the controller BUT the connections on the board are labeled
Z- Y1- Y2-X. Z and X are self explanatory but is right Y1 or Y2,


The Y plug closest to the right (Facing the Control Board), will be for the motor of the right and the left most plug is for the motor on the left side of the Shapeoko.

Thanks, since the Y axis moves in tandem does it matter?

Yes. One motor turns CW and the other turns CCW

This is the wiring with connectors labeled.
If your Y gantry moves in the opposite direction, power down and swap the connectors.

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Thanks that’s perfect!! Thanks