Considering 3D printer...LulzBot users here?

Hey all, I’ll be adding a 3D printer to my shop at some point in the not too distant future. Just wondering if anyone here has a LulzBot? I’m looking at the TAZ 6, pretty pricey but from what I can see at this point in my limited research I’d prefer to purchase a tool I can grow into. Rather then outgrow quickly and have to purchase another.
Advice/recommendations on other printers is also appreciated.

I recently bought an Anycubic I3 Mega. Super happy with it so far. Easy setup, great print quality, great price as well! I have also heard good things about the CR-10S.

I found I don’t use it very often but I do like my Prusa i3. I have the MK2S but they’ve since come out with the MK3 with even more improvements.

Check out MAKE Magazine’s 3d printer shootout, they give you a pretty indepth review of all the major ones out there, rate them on a variety of factors and give an overall score. I’d consider it one of the best resources out there if your’e in the market for one.

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I got a LulzBot Mini a couple of years ago and have been really happy with it - really nicely made machine. Do sometimes wish I’d gone for a TAZ for the bigger build volume though. Can definitely recommend LulzBot, though I don’t have much experience of other machines.

It’s normally in use for a few hours each weekend and I haven’t ever had problems with it.

One thing I’ve been meaning to look into is which reprap printer design is most easily made on a Shapeoko.

Loaned out my OrdBot (along with giving away my Shapeoko 1), and have been waiting on the recipient to make good on my offer to buy the vitamins and other parts for a printer, if they’ll just print the plastic parts.

Thanks, I haven’t checked the Make shootout since mid-last year. Just did.

The new Prusa Mk3 looks very capable, just a slightly smaller build volume. I’ll have to re-think the few extra cubes available with the TAZ. Are they worth $1500?
The price at $999 assembled is the same as my SO3 kit was when purchased a few years ago, haha.

Yeah it’s the only printer I’ve used but I do like the dual zone heated bed and the auto leveling. And Prusa seems devoted to pushing the design further which is nice. The lulzbot always comes well reviewed though do I doubt you’d be disappointed.

I did it from a kit, if you assembled your Shapeoko you’ll have the I3 together in a couple hours no problem.

It’s a similar price as the Taz but we really like our Ultimaker (2+ I think). It’s trouble free and was up and running in minutes.

We also bought a Prusa MK2 and we do not like it nearly as much. It’s much touchier, the print quality is lower and it came with a wiring error that we had to figure out.

If you can afford it, I think the extra cost of an Ultimaker or Taz are well worth it (but I don’t like tweaking on machines)

I have a Prusa i3 Mk2, Mk2s and now a Mk3 and I love the Mk3. It is so quiet, and if you build it yourself - much easier with the new frame assembly - it is only $800ish shipped. The build volume is smaller (11.0in x 11.0in x 9.8in for the Taz 6 vs 9.8in x 8.3in x 8.0in for the i3) so you need to consider that, but with the updated bed leveling and removable / replaceable build sheet and the ability to upgrade to the multi-material ability, I would (and did) lean towards the Prusa.

Again, I have three, so I am reeeeeally biased.


Thanks all, I really appreciate the input, very helpful!
Now I’m leaning towards the Prusa Mk3, pretty good build volume, filament versatility, etc. Kit price is…compelling.

Decisions, decisions…

I operate several 3d printers (no LulzBot, though) and there are two that stand out for reliability and ease of use… The MakerBot Replicator 2 and, my fav, the MakerGear M2. If you’re looking for a bigger build area, check out Reliabuild 3D. They picked up the pieces for the defunct Rigidbot and seem to be on the front end of things. I love the Rigidbot, but that was after some modifications and heartbreak.

Seen the multimaterial support? Up to 4 extruders possible.

I’ve got a Folger Tech FT5 R2 on the way. Large frame kit for $500. I think they are worth checking out for the price and if you don’t mind the build.

Multi extruders are one of the biggest gimmicks in 3d printers these days. Highly advise that you do not get a printer for having it, since you’ll be greatly disappointed.

Be aware that the Lulzbot is really loud.

If you’re down to some occasional fiddling with your printer, I also recommend the MK3 (not saying it’s unreliable, most likely it will just work). Best bang for the buck IMO.

I’m far from an expert but purchased a maker select from Monoprice last year and it works great. I think they’re just rebadging Wanhao’s and doing better QC. Prices are amazing for what you get, they’re one of the largest vendors now in a short period of time. Definitely not in the same league as an ultimaker though.

It’s my impression that having two or more extruders enable quick switching between colors to print multicolored projects as well as utilizing a different material for support structures? Versus a single extruder that would need to be “unloaded” and “re-loaded” to accomplish the same?

Whatever printer I get it will live in a temperature controlled enclosure in my garage so noise is not a concern.

Your impression is correct but in reality the transition between extruders is not seamless and leaves a noticeable effect in pretty much every configuration I’ve seen.

I own a makergear M2 , Folgertech Ft-5 , Cr-10, and the prusa MK2S with multiextruder upgrade. The best all around experience for the money for me was the prusa !

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Okay, more research is indicated, thanks for the heads up!

Cool, appreciate your sharing. Care to weigh in on the actual utility of multiple extruders?