Contemporary den table cut using a Shapeoko3 XXL

I finally finished a table design that I’ve been working on for a while… It has also been called a “lovers toilet”, “slot car track”, “Hamster’s maze”, etc… :wink:

It turned out better than I expected when I first started. What do you think??

I would design it much differently if I had to do it again to make it easier to cut and assemble, but this worked first try so I didn’t want to change course after I started cutting. I designed it in Autodesk Inventor. I made the tool paths in VCarvePro from .DXF files generated from the 3D models. I cut it out of MDF using a Shapeoko3 router.


I just saw this in the CNC group on Facebook. Nice work! :slight_smile:

care to share the group? @Kopah Hey @Tshulthise Heck of a job.Its beautiful! Figured you have been upto somthing big :slight_smile:

That’s really cool! I like how you got such an organic shape out of the materials used. I’ve gotten really used to seeing cool, but “flattish” shapes coming out of our machines it’s really nice to see someone going full 3D with their designs. Good stuff!


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The Facebook group is called “CNC Router Tips”. I think there are two with similar names. It is the larger one.


Excellent design and work.

great work, cery creative use of the shapeoko.

Very cool! Love the color! My wife just painted some of our kitchen table chairs the same color.

Very impressed!!

Great looking project, Tony!
I had no clue MDF could be wielded as such.

Thanks for posting.
I will check out this user group, too!

I didn’t either. Its not the best choice of materials but I cut a few test pieces until I found the thickness of slots that worked well and just kept going. If I did it again I would probably use baltic birch plywood for the flat parts and simply use a very thin plywood for the bends. That would save a ton of cutting, assembly and finish work. Once I got rolling I didn’t want to change my plan so I made this work even though its not a great way to go about it.

I have to say that having the ability to turn thoughts into objects is one of the most pleasing feelings there is. Thanks to the C3D team for offering an affordable platform that works.


Tony I think the design is a cracking idea. Where you machined the grooves that allowed the bends to how much material did you leave?.

0.09" but if I make another one I’ll machine the whole surface down vs slots.

Wow, had no idea you could flex MDF with grooves